4 Ways You Should Plan to Change Your Plan

By: adam kersh

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve led worship for 12 years and counting. 

In these 12 short years, I have seen many ways to plan services, set lists, and run-sheet flows. I’ve diverted from as many plans as I’ve followed tightly. 

Here are four things God has taught me about planning and when to deviate from a plan you were given or were part of creating.

Always seek God first.

God’s glory and plan will always be the better option (John 7:18). He sees everything you plan and execute, long before you step in front of a crowd to lead. 

God can tell you everything He desires for your worship services well before it comes time to execute them. This doesn’t always mean that He will, but He wants you to seek Him and His glory. Seek God in the planning and always keep one ear open to Him in the moment.

Listen well in secret. Lead well in public. 

As my good friend Jeremy loves to remind me, ”What is the prerequisite for knowing God? Being still.”

For me, this happens during the week leading up to Sundays and events. But this also happens between services on Sundays. If something ever feels “off” in the first service of the day, I will always try to get in a quiet place to see what God might say is missing. It’s difficult to hear Him when there is a lot of noise.

Because you have the Holy Spirit, you may just find yourself in public leading worship, executing the plan in the moment, while being prompted to share a word not in the plan that God gave you in private. 

Go to God in secret and in quiet.

This allows you to make space to hear God. When we hear God, we begin to see like He sees and love what He loves, which includes the people He loves. 

Trust your calling. 

You were made for this. Even if you’re reading this and you don’t consider yourself a worship leader or a pastor, you are called by Jesus to be a fisher of men and to love all people (John 13:34-35).

What better way to love someone than to see them the way their Heavenly Father sees them and to tell them how He feels about them? (Always plan for speaking life into your people.) 
At the end of our lives, it won’t matter how well you sang, or how cool you looked, or how many people you stood in front of. All that will matter is that you lived and moved with the Holy Spirit. Listen to God. Trust God. You were made for this.

Always know the plan.

If you know the plan well, you can deviate from it and always find your way back!

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